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LB7 TorqueMaster Injector - Reman

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Are you at the point in your diesel build where you are looking for larger injectors? Look no further than custom injector work by S&S Diesel Motorsport. HSP Diesel is one of the elite S&S dealers and we are happy to bring you the highest quality products on the market.

If youre looking for increased performance or fuel economy, the fuel injectors should not be overlooked.

All injectors are calibrated on genuine Bosch equipment in actual conditions. These are not just a run of the mill aftermarket nozzle thrown on an abrasive hone machine and put in box. S&S Diesel Motorsport will go the extra step to provide the up most quality which will equate to a better, smoother and more efferent running engine.

Once the nozzles are opened up to the desired flow percentage, then the injector is reassembled and the set is balanced to within +/- 5%.


What size injector should I be looking at?

We always recommend contacting us directly so we can go over your build with you and come up with the ideal setup. Below is a outline of some basic information regarding injector sizes.


S&S Diesel Motorsport 20-30% Over Injectors:

This is our number one selling injector size due to price and functionality. This is a great upgrade from stock when your injectors need replacing and will work great with a factory CP3 pump. We always recommend the addition of a lift pump, but at this level isnt required. A 20-30% over injector will have a flow improvement that will help with fuel economy and throttle response. When properly tuned, engine longevity will be increased due to the reduction in pulse width and timing. Also, most of the smoke normally associated with bigger injectors can be cleaned up and the truck will still run as clean as stock.


S&S Diesel Motorsport 40-60% Over Injectors:

Injectors with 40-60% increase are great for guys with a moderate turbo upgrade. This level is probably on the large side for a factory sized turbo but can be used with them. Proper tuning will go a long way with larger style injectors as aftermarket box tuners will no longer be adequate. When using injectors in this size range, you should have a lift pump setup on your truck. Running twin CP3s or a least a modified injection pump is recommended for ideal performance.


S&S Diesel Motorsport 70-100% Over Injectors:

Injectors with a 70-100% increase are great for those running larger single turbo or compound turbocharger applications. Generally used in drag racing or sled pulling applications but can be streetable with proper tuning. At this level, you will NEED to have a modified stroker CP3 pump or twin CP3s as well as a lift pump to properly supply these injectors with enough fuel.

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