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01-04 LB7 Duramax from HSP Diesel

HSP Diesel is your #1 performance parts and custom fabrication facility located in Romeo, MI. Working out of our 12,000 sq. ft. facility we are able to bring to the market a full line of turbo system components and other related truck components that are above and beyond anything else on the market. Many of our products are in stock and ready to ship. If your project is a larger endeavor than our traditional product line, our top notch fabricators are able to help complete your plans. We are also a fully licensed and certified repair shop. Trust HSP Diesel to take care of your truck from start to finish. We take on all jobs no matter how small or large!

Do you live out of state or too far of a drive from HSP Diesel but want work done? No Problem, we can arrange full transportation from pick up to delivery back with all of your upgrades installed or custom work performed!

Being a first class repair and performance parts facility, we are able to essentially perform any task you can ask for your truck.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

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We think about the convenience of your choice. Our products are supplied with star rating that should help hesitant buyers to take a decision. What’s more, you can search our site if you know exactly what you are looking for or use a bunch of different filters that will considerably save your time and efforts.

Delivery to all regions

We deliver our goods worldwide. No matter where you live, your order will be shipped in time and delivered right to your door or to any other location you have stated. The packages are handled with utmost care, so the ordered products will be handed to you safe and sound, just like you expect them to be.

The highest quality of products

We guarantee the highest quality of the products we sell. Several decades of successful operation and millions of happy customers let us feel certain about that. Besides, all items we sell pass thorough quality control, so no characteristics mismatch can escape the eye of our professionals.


SID HIPPLER Many companies have saturated the market with aftermarket turbo/piping kits for the Duramax, HSP is simply the best. As a shop owner me and my guys have installed every turbo kit on the market from every company, we chose to be a dealer for HSP. That decision came from the fact that HSP's quality is top notch and there customer service is second to none. They also get you what you need in a timely manor so you can get back to opening a can of "whoop ass" on the competition! And no matter wether they have a great product or not they are always looking for ways to improve a product that's already better than the rest, that in itself is a sign of a leader. And that is why they are the LEADING fab company in the Duramax world. They are also delving into the Cummins and I'm sure the ford market as well! Go HSP or second best, your choice!
MIKE MAAS I recently became an HSP dealer. When I ordered two turbo kits Dave was my salesman. I called one day to ask some questions and they said he no longer worked there which made me nervous. Since the time Dave left and my kits arrived the owner Joe has taken care of me. Every question was answered, every concern was addressed and they are very respectful and tactful. I did a quick mock up of both kits and the fit is excellent and the finish is amazing.
KYLE HARBIN The entire HSP crew is a great group of guys! They built me an amazing triple turbo setup on my LMM. Been on over a year now with zero issues. Amazing fab skills, with great support after the build was finished.
ROGER VOGEL I had Ryan from HSP diesel work on my 2003 LB7 they did a great job, ejectors, big air intake, new exhaust, lift pump and more truck runs great I would recommend these guys to anyone they truly know what there doing.
JOHN STANTON The folks at HSP Diesel offer the best customer service, the parts fit perfectly every time, and their team is incredibly knowledgeable. Looking forward to ordering a lot more parts from these guys! Two thumbs up!
KEVIN COPELAND Hey guys I got my LML manifolds/up pipes/downpipe installed. I want to thank you guys. The fit and finish are amazing. No modifications to anything. The sound of the truck is perfect. It spools up quicker, has great drive ability at part and full load, makes the power extremely smooth all the way through the rpm range, dropped my EGT readings, cools down quicker. My father said " I didn't think it could get better after you did the H&S tune. But it picks up quick, smooth and well worth the money. Since you tow so much this was a great investment. And the parts are very well made, and the welds are beautiful. I can't believe the stock parts are so poorly made ". I can not wait to tow and I am ready for the y bridge! Also levi at turbo performance products fit everything perfect! Thanks again guys I have big smile when I tip my right foot forward
ADAM DOLMAGE These guys are top notch. Very knowledgeable, get service from the time I walked in the door till I left with my new EGR delete. Fit and finish my EGR delete was perfect. Very happy with their products! Prices are comparable and in many ways cheaper to every other vender. I will be recommending them to all my diesel friends.
JUSTIN LEE Great guys that know their stuff, are excellent to work with and make one awesome quality product! Will be doing more business with them in the future cause they are top notch!
JUSTIN ROQUEMORE Awesome guys here! Got my kit in and on! Everything looks great! Great customer service and will happily answer any questions you have! Can't go wrong with HSP!
GUY PENHA JR. Added a HSP TWIN TURBO to my built lly cross country towing duramax. Gained 2.4 MPG and lowered egt by 200 degrees. I use mine for daily work. 500 miles a day towing loaded on my 3500 dually. Absolutely love it.
TRAVIS CHARLES I ordered a HSP kit thru Diesel ops because I had ops bucks to use and the free shipping. I decided to stop in and pick a color in person and the staff there was great. Gave me a tour of the shop. Picked a color from a big selection and even went over a few setup options with "Turbo Timmy". They have my business again very soon. Thanks